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DataDriven Recycling E-Waste software is a simple solution to help you manage all aspects of your business. DataDriven understands the challenges you face in running your E-Scrap and as such is determined to help you overcome them all with one complete solution.

We’ve designed this software with the business owner in mind - giving you total control of your operations, from the office staff to the production staff. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that DataDriven’s customer care team is just a phone call away (24/7).

Why DataDriven?
Electronic Waste is becoming one of the biggest areas for recycling. With our passion for electronics, we recognize that this trend will keep increasing and there is a serious void of quality software available for this market. While there is software available or spreadsheets in excel that can be utilized to assist in running your operations, none provide the analyzing capabilities that our software does.. With all that data sitting there with no way to analyze it creates a waste of opportunity. We help take that data and run it through our system to give you a better idea of how your company is truly doing.

As DataDriven developed DataDocks to help with the logistics in the industry many of our clients requested more software from us. The biggest complaint of software for the e-waste industry was that it was bulky, slow and lacked support. That’s where DataDriven Recycling steps in. For support we have built into our software a help button which will connect you directly to one of our expert support team members who will be able to answer your questions. Or if you would like feel free to pick up the phone or email us directly.

At DataDrive, we get that bulky and slow just doesn’t work. Having to click 4 times just to book a truck is pure nonsense to us. That is why we have designed our ERP system to combat the clunky non user friendly systems out there. Instead of designing what makes sense to a software engineer, we take the reverse approach and create software that makes sense to our users. Due to the fact we have optimized our system to make it easier for you, our system runs faster than our competitors!

DataDriven Recycling is a cloud-based company. So instead of paying these downright crazy upfront costs to get an ERP system, we bill you quarterly to keep costs down. This helps keep the pennies in your pocket. Due to the fact that our service is cloud-based you can access your information from anywhere on any computer, tablet or cell with no installation. This means that there is no hassle of getting an IT person to help you set it all up and keep it running; we take care of all of it.

What sets us apart the most from our competitors is our logistics side of the software. We know how important and overlooked logistics can be in an organization. However, the team receiving and shipping the material can make or break a company. They are the first people to see and grade the material, as well as the last people to see the material before it gets to your customers. With our software DataDocks, you are able to see how the logistics team is performing as well as real time information of the current status of the logistics team. At the same time it helps your customers by giving them real time access to book their own dock times into your facility.
Innovative E-Waste Solutions

Handle your daily operational challenges with ease. We have extensive experience in dealing with E-Scrap like yours, and that’s reflected in our software. Our goal is to help you sell, order, ship and interact with customers more effectively.

All-in-One Business Management

Meet all of your business management needs with one complete software solution. DataDriven’s software takes care of all your paperwork, so your team can focus on growing your business.

Cloud based

In today’s day in age we know you need up-to-date, readily accessible information. Now you can access that information off any cell phone, tablet or computer without installing software. You can even get updates of how your team is performing that day.

DataDriven Expert Support

Our staff has real world experience in the recycling industry in operations, IT, management and maintenance. Operate with the reassurance that DataDrivens Software’s expert support staff is with you every step of the way. From the installations to training to troubleshooting. We’re not happy until you are.

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About US

Industry Is Hard These Days, Let Us Save You a Penny

Nick Rakovsky is the founder of DataDriven Recycling, established in 2014. Nick boasts an impressive array of experience in the industry. Throughout his years, he has held positions from Sales to Quality Control Manager to Operations and Plant Management to Chief Technology Officer. As a result, Nick can truly say he has been exposed to every aspect of the industry and as such he was able to identify an area of weakness - a lack of useful and simple software tools.

Having created custom software in the past to help him simplify his daily tasks, he realized that he had the ability to develop tools that could help the industry as a whole. After much thought and calculation he decided to devote all his time to starting up DDR to improve the productivity in industry.

  • Save Time

    Lower hours to perform repetitive task

  • Eliminate Errors

    Lower inventory, logistics and tracking errors

  • Performance

    Track employees, materials and production times

  • Accessible Any Where

    Works on all cell phones, laptops and computers

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